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Friday, August 10, 2012
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Whindo Check-In Utility: Users Guide and Best Practices

Whindo CheckIn Utility Users Guide and Best Practices Whindo CheckIn Utility Users Guide and Best Practices - a blog posting from Whindo - Ticket Whindo To Your Event

check-in utility

Offline - Manual Check-Ins

For manual check-ins you will need to either download your registrant list. You can work directly in the spreadsheet or print and distribute the registrant list. To download a registrant list My Events > select event > Settings > Registrants > Download. From this screen you can choose which fields you would like to include in your list.

Online – Manual Check-Ins

The Check-In utility can be located under the Reports tab of the event editor. To manually check in a guest you can enter their name or ticket number on the printed ticket into the Search box. This will automatically filter results. Once the guest has been found click the checkbox on the right to indicate the guest has arrived. Reset the Search box and enter the name of the next guest.

Online – Scannable Check-Ins

Using the same Check-In utility you can extend the functionality by using a USB scanner. Once the scanner is configured (See Configuring your Scanner) you will need to click the mouse on the text in the upper right hand corner. You are now ready to start checking guests in. After each scan you will see the result of the scan.

For larger events or for events where guests will arrive at approximately time, it is strongly recommended to invest in one or more barcode scanners. For more information on which scanners are compatible with Whindo visit: Whindo: Barcode Scanner Purchase Guide. Each printed ticket contains a unique barcode that when scanned will validate that the ticket 1) is valid for this event 2) is valid for this date (recurring events) 3) has not been previously scanned for entry.

Note: Obviously tickets can be photocopied. Using either of the “Online” check-in methods will prevent duplicated tickets from being accepted. This is especially important when your event has multiple points of entry. A timestamp will be instantly logged once a ticket has been used and any subsequent attempts at entry will result in a notification to the check-in attendant.

If you are choosing one of the “Online” check-in methods, it is recommended that you print a hard-copy list of registrants just in case your internet connectivity is disrupted or a scanner fails to function properly.

Recommended: If you are not the one checking guests into your event it is best to grant access to your event’s check-in utility without giving them the credentials to your Whindo account. You will find access links to your Registrant’s download and Check-In utility at the bottom of their respective pages.

You can also test your scanner configuration using the actual check-in utility. First, download these sample tickets. Then visit the check-in utility for this demonstration event.

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