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By Russell Bellow
Tuesday, April 10, 2012
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Selling Tickets Offline

Selling Tickets Offline Selling Tickets Offline - a blog posting from Whindo - Ticket Whindo To Your Event

To maximize attendance to your event it is often necessary to provide multiple options for guests to purchase tickets. For example, you may be selling tickets directly from your office, a local grocery store, or other online promotional outlets.

Offline tickets enable event organizers to sell tickets directly to guests, by-passing the online registration process and any fees associated with online registration. Benefits of using Whindo offline tickets include: 1) uniform ticket design for all patrons 2) scannable barcodes that can track the number of entries into your event. Note: Unlike online tickets, offline tickets are not unique to each guest and can be photo copied to permit multiple entries.

Below you will find a brief overview on how to create offline tickets using Whindo.

selling offline tickets to an event After you have created your various ticket types, click on the Offline Tickets button on the Tickets tab.

registration tickets

sell tickets offline Enter the Location where the batch of tickets will be sold. You can enter up to 10 different locations for each event.

offline ticket sells

barcode tickets offline For each ticket type and location a unique barcode is generated. You can use these barcodes to create your own custom tickets. You can also download an event ticket with the barcode embedded within the ticket and print copies to meet sales needs.

sell tickets directly

registration On the Day of Event tab, Offline Tickets can be scanned just like tickets sold online.

can i sell tickets offline

how to sell tickets offline Click on the Check-In Report to view the current status.

sell tickets at my site

The Check-In Report details the current status of admissions into your event. You can view check-ins by offline ticket location, check-ins by ticket type, as well as the current percentage of registrants have checked-in to your event.

check-in reporting

event check-in status


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