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Wednesday, February 29, 2012
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Complimentary Tickets To Your Event

Complimentary Tickets To Your Event Complimentary Tickets To Your Event - a blog posting from Whindo - Ticket Whindo To Your Event

Need to comp some tickets to your event? Using Discount Codes Whindo enables you to send free tickets to your event.

Below we have outlined the process to create a discount code for one or more tickets, how a discount code is applied, and how you can integrate discount codes directly into your email invitations. Here's how!

comping tickets to an event It is best to add Discount Codes once all of your Ticket Types have been created, but you can manage discount codes at anytime. Select Tickets from the subnavigation and you will see your existing ticket types. Click Discount Codes to create and manage your event's discount codes.

how to comp tickets

complimentary tickets Click Create A New Discount Code.

send free tickets

discount codes and tickets Enter the name of your Discount Code. Names must be letters and numbers only and may not contain any spaces.
comp The easiest way to ensure your ticket will be completely free is to enter 100 in the % Discount Amount.

comp free tickets

how to comp tickets You can select one or more tickets to which the discount code can be applied. If All Tickets is selected, any new ticket types for this event will also be able to comped.

how do i comp tickets

enter in the discount code One method for applying a discount code is to give the guest the code directly. The guest would enter the discount code when selecting ticket types for your event.

enter discount

discount code applied Once the discount code is applied your guest will see the discount and the checkout will be updated accordingly. Note: If a discount code covers 100% of the ticket price then NO Whindo fees will apply.

free comp tickets

how to give free tickets Another option to distribute your discount codes is with the Whindo invitation tool. When sending invitations through Whindo you can choose to include a discount code.

email discount code

give tickets away for free When your guest receives their invitation and clicks on the link the discount code will automatically be applied without your guest having to enter the code.

provide discount to guests

Note: Discount codes will be applied by any guest that enters the correct code. You can disable a discount code at anytime.


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